AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Free

AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Free 5.57

Intuitive photo to Flash video conversion tool with CD/DVD burning support

Transforming your static photo albums into attractive and interactive Flash videos can be as simple as selecting your photos, a theme, and one of the ways of publishing and sharing it that AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Free’s wizard offers you. The program supports all of the most popular image file formats and comes with a wide variety of templates, themes, and video effects and transitions.

The wizard interface is surely the simplest and quickest way of turning your photo collections into dynamic presentations, but it is not the only way. This conversion utility comes also with a fully-fledged user interface where you can refine and customize each of the steps noted above. Here you can add some intermediate steps that will enhance your Flash videos. You can edit your photographs to add pro-looking transition effects, clip art images, filters, and artistic effects, as well as to crop them to fit your preferred aspect ratio.

The second step is the theme selection, and here you can also apply a number of customization settings that are not available in the wizard. You can decide here how your resulting video will behave once created (auto play, auto repeat, continue playing after clicking...), and what it should look like (title, frame rate, background color, size, etc.). You can add further decoration to your photographs (apart from that on the selected theme), customize the control buttons, and even edit the template selected. You can add a soundtrack to your video, and clip the selected audio file(s) to fit the actual length of the presentation. If your favorite audio tracks happen to be on a CD, you can use the program’s audio extraction utility to rip those tracks and add them to your project.

The third and final step is the publication of your Flash video. Here you can choose to create the SWF file, to create a so-called “gift CD/DVD”, or to create the Flash files and send them directly to Go2Album for sharing (the free online photo gallery for Photo Flash Maker users). Either way, the results will surely surprise you.

This free application offers you the possibility to upgrade to its Platinum edition, which offers you many more templates and themes, extensive HTML5 support, the possibility of using FLV videos as part of the presentation, and many other interesting features.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers both a video creation wizard and a full-featured interface
  • Wide variety of templates, themes, filters, and transition effects
  • Burns your video presentations to CD or DVD
  • Allows you to upload your presentations to Go2Album


  • The resulting Flash videos cannot be edited. 
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